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The Global Musical Arts Competition is a virtual music competition that encourages aspiring music students to set and achieve their goals. Combining competitive and educational elements, GMAC's mission is to foster performers' musical growth and share their talents with the world. The competition is open to all ages and all nationalities. 

Monthly competitions provide twelve different themes a year that pose unique artistic challenges. Students and teachers alike can prepare new repertoire with a tangible objective in mind—without leaving the comfort of their home. 

Reasons to participate

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Safe and Convenient                   platform 

 Showcase your performance from the comfort of your home. You will have the chance to present your ideal performance in a familiar environment. 

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Honors Program

Enroll in the Honors Program and participate in three competitions throughout the same calendar year. Students will receive a certificate of completion and achievement award, and qualify for a scholarship with a minimum two-year participation.

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Awards and Certificates

Receive awards and certificates throughout the year to motivate your practice sessions and enliven your musical journey. 

Participants will also receive comments from judges from each competition to future improve their musical skills.

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Letters of recommendation

Past and current first-place winners are entitled to recommendation letters to their schools of choice during their high school senior year and collegiate years. 

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Participate in our

themed competitions

Students can choose from a variety of themes that offer many choices of repertoire to choose from year-round and promote imagination.

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Recognize teacher's effort

We recognize teachers' hard work throughout the preparation for the competition. GMAC will award certificates of excellence to teachers with outstanding students. 

 Some of the GMAC Awards are:

The Most Exceptional Performer of the Month 

The Award is given to the most exceptional performer of the month. The recipient will automatically advance to the final round of the competition in the calendar year to compete for the GMAC Artist of the Year Award. 

The Rising Talent of

             the Year

The Rising Talent of the Year Award will be granted to a participant with a promising talent from the Honor's Program. 

 Scholarship Awards in the Honors Program

Participants in the Honors Program will automatically qualify for Scholarship Awards upon completion of the two-year program. Selected candidates will receive scholarships to cover expenses for music lessons, summer camps, or to further their musical studies in other ways. 

GMAC Artist of the

      Year Award

The GMAC Artist of the Year title will be awarded to the most exceptional performer(s) and will be announced at the end of the calendar year. 

The Teacher of the

     Year Award

A teacher with the most winning students will receive a GMAC Teacher of the Year Award with a cash prize and a certificate at the end of each calendar year.  

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