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 Honors Program

Join other aspiring musicians in their pursuit of excellence.

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The Global Musical Arts Competition Honors Program is intended for serious students who would like to participate in multiple competitions a year. By joining the program, participants will have the opportunity to meet other young musicians with similar aspirations, be considered for additional awards, and compete in three contests a year for a lower annual fee. 

Honors Program community: Students enrolled in the Honors community will receive access to a private Facebook group and discord channel with other Honors Program participants. This community is monitored by GMAC staff and is intended to provide a space for young musicians to share their goals, collaborate, and connect with other like-minded artists. 

Scholarship fund: Students enrolled in the Honors Program for two years can apply to GMAC’s scholarship fund to support their private lesson studies or participation in a summer music festival or camp. 

Certificate and Awards: Enroll in the Honors Program and participate in three competitions throughout the same calendar year. Students will receive a certificate of completion after participating in three competitions and achievement awards will be given to students who show progress and improvement.

  • Honors Program

    Every year
    Valid for 2 years
    • Three Competitions a year
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