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Twelve competitions a year.
International certificates to improve your résumé. Awards for students and teachers.

Who we are

The Global Musical Arts Competition is a virtual music competition that encourages aspiring music students to set and achieve their goals. Combining competitive and educational elements, GMAC's mission is to foster performers' musical growth and share their talents with the world. The competition is open to all ages and all nationalities. Monthly competitions provide twelve different themes a year that pose unique artistic challenges. Students and teachers alike can prepare new repertoire with a tangible objective in mind-without leaving the comfort of their home.


Concerto Competition Winners

Piano Winners

Strings Winners


Grand Prize Winner: Takeshi Nagayasu (Piano)

      Strings/Division I         

Annabelle Lan (First Place)

Cheuk Yin Koen Lee (Second Place)

Marina Herrán (Third Place)

Laura Kesiak (Honorable Mention)

Serena She (Honorable Mention)

Parson Tam Pak Shun (Honorable Mention)

Strings/Division II

Yan Lok Kwong (First Place)

Joel Kim (Second Place)

Alicja Jabłońska (Third Place)

Felix Wang (Third Place)

Arianna Lai (Honorable Mention)

David Wang (Honorable Mention)

Strings/Division III

Jelin Lee (First Place)

Marion Taira (Second Place)

Dor Amran (Second Place)

Naoya Ogawa (Third Place)

Andrés Vaccaro (Honorable Mention)

Salma Khakimov (Honorable Mention)

Briona Mannion (Honorable Mention)

Inhee Park (Honorable Mention)

Tatyana Gilson (Honorable Mention)

Piano/Division I 

Jade Chan (First Place)

Symphony Shi (Second Place)

Vanessa Lo (Honorable Mention)

Soare Gruia Ioan (Honorable Mention)

Nathan Liu (Honorable Mention)

Piano/Division II

Kai Rong Toby Tan (First Place)

Lan Rayming (Second Place)

Iris Zhang (Third Place)

Rina Takahashi (Honorable Mention)

Piano/Division III

Takeshi Nagayasu (First Place)

Soo Ji Lee (Second Place)

Julie Lee (Third Place)

Savannah Howard (Honorable Mention)

Letong Wan (Honorable Mention)

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