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2024 Concerto Competition

We are excited to announce our first annual concerto competition!  The winner will be a featured soloist with live orchestra in Cambridge, England during the summer of 2024 in collaboration with ESTA UK.
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DueMarch 31, 2024: Registration ends ($60 application fee due)

Required piece: Any one movement from a concerto of your choice, memorized.

Category I: age 9-13

                  II: age 14-17

                  III: age 18 and up

Instruments: All instruments

Live/recorded accompaniments are allowed.

The best performer will be selected to perform with the live orchestra in Cambridge, England.

Please click here for more information:

*Awards are subject to change, and judges' decidsions are final.


GMAC Concerto Competition 2024

Thank you! We have received your application.

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